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Scrap Car Removals

SCRAP CAR REMOVALS Melbourne are a highly professional & registered Scrap Car collection company. We pay cash up front for old or unwanted cars.. It does not matter whether your car starts or not we will offer you the best prices on the market for your Scrap Car. The first step is for you to call us so we can give you an exceptional quotation for your car. Once you have accepted we will then arrange to remove your Scrap car at the most convenient time for you. Our Scrap Car Removals service is completely free with no hidden costs or charges, when we turn up we will give you the promised cash up front! We collect the cars around the clock and we will answer our hotline 24 hours a day.


Most importantly the cars we purchase from our customers go directly to our environmentally friendly scrap yard where we will DE-pollute them as per the environment agency requirements. A top Scrap Car collection and Removal service guaranteed:

The price of scrap metal fluctuates all the time as do our prices. If the price of metal goes up so does the cash given for scrap cars. We always keep our prices in line with the market; if we are getting more money for the scrap metal then you can be sure that our customers will be getting more cash for their scrap cars. It does not matter if their vehicle is unroadworthy we will always pay top prices compared to our competitors and that’s a promise!

Collect Variety of Scrap Vehicles

At SCRAP CAR REMOVALS Melbourne we collect all types of vans and cars, no job too big or too small. We have the latest in recovery technology meaning that we are always able to collect any type of car and Van. All you have to do is call us now and we will give you an outstanding quote for your vehicle.

We inspect every single vehicle that we receive (cars, trucks, SUVs, people carriers and motorbikes) and then we conduct identification checks before the vehicle is legally de-registered.
Scrap Process:

Parts on the vehicle that can be recycled are removed including the tires and wheels, and the vehicles then undergo the important stage of draining their fluids, which may include the fuel, petrol and diesel or LPG, oil, coolants and gases. We then remove the battery from the vehicle, as well as airbags and the glass which are safely removed and sent for recycling. This entire process of ours is a regulated and specific process that is conducted by our highly trained staff that always adheres to the guidelines ensuring that every vehicle is recycled safely. Any hazardous parts that cannot be recycled are disposed of safely.

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