How to Know When to Sell a Car for Scrap

//How to Know When to Sell a Car for Scrap

How to Know When to Sell a Car for Scrap

Scrapping your old car is no easy decision to make, especially if the old bombed vehicle still has a special spot in your heart. Perhaps it was your very first car, perhaps it has been passed down for a couple of generations, and perhaps you just have a few fond memories of the old car. We don’t know why exactly you are keeping that old car of yours but we know that most of the time, keeping it around is not helpful to you when your junk care is taking up way too much space in your yard for a long period.

When you do decide to finally let go, you have quite a few options. You can resell it, revamp it or scrap it. In the moment, it may seem like a hard decision when you feel a bit sentimental towards your old car but in many cases, it is the best decision you can possibly make. Here’s how to know when it is time to sell your car for scraps.

It’s Lots Its Roadworthiness

Your old car needs to pass certain testing for it to be legally road worthy. If your old car isn’t road worthy anymore and if getting it back to roadworthiness is a bit expensive (hint: when repair and getting your certificate costs more than your car value) then it might be better to scrap your old car.

You Can’t Find a Buyer

Are you struggling to find a buyer or at least to get some interest in your old car? Well, it is much better to sell it for scraps and get it over with than to wait for some miracle buyer to come along and take it off your hands.

High Maintenance Costs

High maintenance costs such as expensive services, recurring repair fees, regular breakdowns, high fuel consumption, battery replacement and frequent issues are a big sign that it is probably best to lay your old car to rest.

Your Old Car Has Been Left Unused For Quite a While

Do you have another newer car and left this ‘backup’ vehicle to stand and gather dust for months – perhaps even years? Leaving an old car unused is one of the worst things you can do. The tyres will start to get flat spots and crack, pests such as rats will invest your car causing damage to the wiring and interior, the battery will run down and your old car is likely rusting away on the spot. If it has been standing for a while then it is probably a good idea to sell it and get it over with.

Repair Costs Are Just Not Worth It

Many people keep an old broken down car, hoping that someday they can repair it. The problem with this is that repair costs are no longer affordable and getting the old car repaired often just isn’t worth it. A quick quote from an auto repair company should be enough to help you decide whether you should scrap it or not.

You Cannot Get a Fair Deal

Those few who are interested in your old car just don’t want to pay a fair amount for your old car or they want it for free. When this has happened more than once, it’s time to give up that junk vehicle.

You Care About the Environment and Would Rather Recycle

If you care about the environment and would rather see your old car recycled than have it end up polluting the landfills then selling for scraps is one of the best things you can do for the economy and environment.

Your Car Is Rusting Away

Rust damage to your car can be incredibly costly to repair and the chances are pretty good that there is more rust that is not visible to the eye. If you can spot lots of rusting then it is best to scrap it as soon as possible.

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