Five Great Tips to Keep In Mind While Selling Your Scrap Car in Melbourne

//Five Great Tips to Keep In Mind While Selling Your Scrap Car in Melbourne

Five Great Tips to Keep In Mind While Selling Your Scrap Car in Melbourne

Just because your car is scrap or non-running doesn’t mean that it is worthless at all. Melbourne’s auto industry has some pretty good recycling methods in place to help revive these broken down and damaged cars as well as possible. You can fetch a pretty fair price for your scrap car if you act quickly and make the right decisions when it comes to getting your old car sold. Here are five of the best tips to keep in mind when you are selling your old scrap car in Melbourne.

Ensure that you are the owner

It doesn’t matter how wrecked or old your car may be; no one can buy your car from you if you are not the legal owner of the car. You need to be the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle needs to be legally licensed in your name. If you do not have legal ownership of the vehicle then you need to establish ownership before you attempt to sell your old car.

Shop around for prices

It is always a good idea to know the exact value of your scrap car. Shop around and do a bit of research on the value of your vehicle. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are considering the value of your scrap car;

  • Is it still in running condition? Driving vehicles have a much higher value than broken down vehicles.
  • What repairs are needed to make the car roadworthy?
  • What is the cost of these repairs?
  • What is the likelihood of finding spare parts?
  • Is the registration paid up?
  • Is the vehicle popular?
  • Just how old is the scrap car? If it is too old, there might not be much demand for spare parts.

At Cash for Used Cars in Melbourne we will pay up to $8,999 for your old or scrap car depending on the condition and we offer this money in cash.

Consider the delivery or transportation of your scrap car

When you are selling your old car you will need to deliver it to the buyer. While this isn’t a big problem for running vehicles it can be a huge issue for broken down scrap cars since tow-in services can easily end up costing you much more than you receive for the car. At Cash for Used Cars, we offer free used car removal services in Melbourne which could save you a lot of money or can result in a much bigger sales profit.

Don’t be caught for a sucker

Don’t let anyone cheat you out of your money through empty promises of down payments that never happens. When you sell your scrap car, be sure to sell in cash so you can use the money as you please without having to wait and without any risk of being cheated out of your cash. It is always best to use a reputable company when you are selling so you can be sure that there will be no ugly after purchase issues or battles.

Use Cash for Cars for a quick sale

It can take quite a while to sell a damaged or wrecked car online or through local advertising. But you can get your car sold that very same day by using Cash for Cars. We accept any type of old or damaged vehicle of any model, in any condition and pay you either by cheque or bank transfer with receipt of payment.

With these tips in mind, it will become a lot easier and quicker to sell your old car instantly without all the fuss and without any risk of after-sales issues.

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